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What to Wear or not Wear at a Company Holiday Party


There are all types of holiday parties and what to wear can always be challenging: unless the attire is clearly stated.. But what if it isn’t and you are not sure what type of place it is or who will be there?

We start to make ourselves anxious about what is appropriate to wear. Well one thing I always say is that there is always a range of appropriate, some people will be a little more dressy and some will be a little more casual, but as long as you fall within that range and love what you are wearing than enjoy!
There is a caveat to my rule (about loving what you are wearing) that applies to business-related holiday parties and it is this. You may love that short backless, tight dress, but overtly sexy is not appropriate for a business holiday party.

Hopefully, this is abundantly clear, but let’s lay out some more specific guidelines.
A hem length above the knee is perfectly fine, but one that barely covers your butt and looks like you will have a fashion mishap should you try to sit down or get into a cab is an absolute “no”.

Stay away from bearing too much skin on top too. Hopefully, the no-to-cleavage is obvious and you should probably err on the side of caution with too much shoulder or back showing too. Luckily the “cold-shoulder” tops that are trending right now, cover your arms and the peak of shoulders can still be appropriately sexy for these events.

So basically, if it looks like a Kadashian would wear it, stay clear of the look for your corporate parties.
So what can you wear?

Holiday is a time to kick it up a notch. This is the place you can add sparkle and bling.
Clothing with lurex or metallic fabrics is a go.

Your favorite high heel party shoes – “for sure!”
Accessories with rhinestones – “yes please”.
Style Tip: Don’t overdo it! If you have a statement necklace, don’t wear statement earrings. Too much glitz in one area is overkill.

Makeup is another fun way to jazz up your look a little. Don’t’ be afraid of trying some glitzy makeup! A bold lipstick, glitzy nail polish or eye shadow are great choices too.

If you recently bought that super sexy party outfit, have fun wearing it to a friend’s party or for New Year’s.

Now go out and have fun!

By Diane Pollack


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