A magazine for and about WOMEN the strong independent / business woman, the loving and devoted wife, the irreplaceable mother
Welcome to Woman’s Essence Magazine
We are magazine an online (website) that aims to combine quality educational information with fun content and things you care about. The reason we have set up this site is to encourage people to share their knowledge with others by creating good articles on any topic they would like to write about related to a woman’s life. This should benefit everyone who uses the site whether it is visitors who need information or people who would like to submit their work.

Hopefully, in time with your help this site will grow and have lots of quality information within its pages which will be of great benefit to a large number of people. We will add content that we feel will be useful and interesting to our visitors on a regular basis.

If you would be interested in contributing to this site please see our Write For Us page which contains all the information you will need to submit your work and get it published successfully with us.

Thank you for visiting our website and without you it would not be possible!

Kind Regards
The W.E. Mag Development Team

For informations, advertising, feedback, writers/articles, partnerships, interviews, etc email at: womans.essence.magazine@gmail.com


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