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Having and Doing It All Is Possible!

Mamta Purbey was born in North India and raised by her father  in her teens when her mother passed away. Her perseverance, dedication and desire to achieve her goals helped her to obtain 2 Masters Degrees while having the position as the Executive Director of Enrollment Management & Institutional Analytics at American University of Antigua … Continue reading

What to Wear or not Wear at a Company Holiday Party

There are all types of holiday parties and what to wear can always be challenging: unless the attire is clearly stated.. But what if it isn’t and you are not sure what type of place it is or who will be there? We start to make ourselves anxious about what is appropriate to wear. Well … Continue reading

Steps To Living A Stress Free Life

There are many people living a stressful life everyday. They blame their family, friends,   their job and having responsibilities for their daily stress. But the truth is, the stress is actually caused by the individual. Our stress develops by lying to ourselves and trying to be someone or something that God did not create. … Continue reading

The Importance of “Support”

  “Support”, this word is often used by us, but what does it really mean to you? For me, it’s being there, a listening ear, a helping hand not necessarily financial, being reliable and being honest to the person you are aiding. Yes, everyone has his or her own definition. For women in my situation, they may … Continue reading

Woman’s Essence Magazine is excited to announce we are launching a You Tube Talk Show focusing on women who are true to themselves and authentic. My Co-host Nadege Caze and I will interview women with their truth that will inspire other women. The show will also consist of Happy News and discussing various topics related … Continue reading

My House Is No Longer My Home

  So ladies, my story begins when I first met this tall dark and handsome man   with a voice that can capture a woman’s soul. He had a dreamy bass-like voice like the singer/icon Barry White. He was very intelligent and had a gift –of-gab. He was a man of God who knew the Bible … Continue reading

Believing In Yourself Is Important

As a woman, you have so much to accomplish and overcome. The only way to make sure it gets done is by believing in yourself but when you  go through challenges, you may  find it hard to do. Sometimes this bad word  called “doubt” creeps in your mind and  you have to destroy it by … Continue reading

Ladies Take A Self Defense Class

In the world we live in today a lot of women have been assaulted and attacked. Some of these women were killed by their abuser or attacker. It is important to obtain self defense techniques that can save our lives. It is sad that most women out there are vulnerable. Self defense techniques should allow us to feel confident … Continue reading

When you have a clear vision of your desires make sure you ask for it and have the confidence to know your desires will be a reality. Claire K. Guerre

Snow Day at Style Fashion Week In NY!

Style Fashion Week NY show did go on the day of the snow storm on February 9th. Thousands of people attended the fashion show and had a great time! The snow storm could not keep the designers away from showing their latest  spring fashions! While most kids took advantage of school closing by playing in the … Continue reading

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