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Theresa Baker Leaps On Faith with Her Daughter

Theresa Baker is a single mother who noticed her daughter Mariya’s talent and passion for acting, dancing, and singing. She watched her daughter blossom and knew what was needed to do to make Mariya’s dreams come into reality. Theresa followed her instincts and took action by relocating to California to position Mariya for success. She … Continue reading

Jamie Scott: A Woman Following Her Purpose

Jamie Scott is a young woman who is fulfilling her purpose. She is the Executive Director of  Pulaski County Youth Services  and the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of The Jamie Scott Group, LLC. in Little Rock, Arkansas. Jamie is like the younger version of “Olivia Pope in Scandal” per one of her friends, but … Continue reading

Nikki Lund Is All About Living In Her Truth

Nikki Lund is more than a Fashion Designer. She is a woman with a creative vision in music and fashion. Her truth is being an artist and helping young adults overcome bullying. She recently was giving an important role as the Self-Esteem Ambassador for Boo 2 Bullying which is an anti-bullying organization. She travels to … Continue reading

A Woman Who Has No Fear

Carine Colas Diallo is the author of No Fear. She shares with readers her experience as a Volunteer worker in the Peace Corps and working with Africare in Guinea. She did not allow obstacles stand in her way to fulfill her purpose in life. She became closer to God through her challenges and helped inspire … Continue reading

Meet the Young Creative Who Left Corporate America to Jumpstart Her Floral Design Business

After completing graduate school at Columbia University, Makini Regal Brereton seemed to have the job perks every young professional desired including a decent salary, corner office and company car. But a stable 9-to-5 day job as a senior analyst for a management consulting firm did nothing to spark Brereton’s creative interest. With a love for … Continue reading

The Fire Within Kimberly Lacy

Kimberly Lacey CEO of International Flair Designs realized at a young age no matter what life throws at you, accept it and keep on moving forward. She is a woman that inspires people she meets. What challenges in life did you overcome to help you be the woman you are today? From facing the stigmas associated with … Continue reading

Michaela Shelley An Unstoppable Young Lady!

Michaela Shelley is a remarkable young teenager who is battling a few chronic illnesses. These illnesses does not enable her to live her life as a regular teenager.  She is facing her illnesses head on and fighting them. She is not allowing her illnesses to defeat her and stop her from enjoying her teenage years. Michaela took time … Continue reading

Turning Tragedy into Triumph: Branding Expert Talks Importance of Owning Your Story

Turning Tragedy into Triumph: Branding Expert Talks Importance of Owning Your Story Natasha T Brown, founder of Think Brown Ink, overcame challenges to find success by Kandia  Johnson Each time a woman shares her life’s journey–the challenges and triumphs, insecurities and setbacks–it heals and empowers another woman. For Natasha Brown, founder of Think Brown Ink, … Continue reading

Women’s History Month 2015 Quotes: 21 Inspirational Sayings By Influential Women

Women’s History Month 2015 Quotes: 21 Inspirational Sayings By Influential Women By  Lora Moftah   The United States celebrates Women’s History Month in March in order to highlight and celebrate the many historic and contemporary contributions of women to society. While the commemoration has its roots back in the 1800s when female factory workers in … Continue reading

Lorraine Toussaint on Faith, Spirituality, and the Best Mistake She’s Ever Made

Actress Lorraine Toussaint is a force to behold. She’s been blessed with a consistent acting career lasting over two decades. She currently stars on two buzzworthy shows: ABC’s Forever and Netflix’s Orange is the New Black and recently wrapped playing a civil rights activist in the MLK biopic, Selma (out Christmas day). The ever serene … Continue reading

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