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Steps To Living A Stress Free Life

There are many people living a stressful life everyday. They blame their family, friends,   their job and having responsibilities for their daily stress. But the truth is, the stress is actually caused by the individual. Our stress develops by lying to ourselves and trying to be someone or something that God did not create. … Continue reading

Believing In Yourself Is Important

As a woman, you have so much to accomplish and overcome. The only way to make sure it gets done is by believing in yourself but when you  go through challenges, you may  find it hard to do. Sometimes this bad word  called “doubt” creeps in your mind and  you have to destroy it by … Continue reading

The Dangers Of Not Fullfilling Your Dreams!

  We live in a world full of dreamers that work hard everyday to make sure their dream or dreams come true. But sadly, their are a few who never fulfill their dreams because they never took action or gave up! When people do not go after their dreams, they become unhappy and regretful which can … Continue reading

How To Believe In Yourself

Being insecure makes a person become worrisome about what others think or how they are perceived by others. We live in a world that allows both women and men lack confidence and doubt themselves due to having insecure feelings. When a person is insecure it usually means she/he does not believe in herself/himself. How does a person … Continue reading

Inner Peace Is Important

The world we live in can be chaotic and a rat race. We cannot escape it. We have obligations, responsibilities & commitments. Making a living to provide for our family and ourselves gives us no choice but to be part of the rat race. To survive in this chaotic world and rat race we need to know how … Continue reading

10 Steps To Start Your Week With A Smile

I know it is sometimes a challenge to smile everyday with what is happening in our world. However, we should take the time to  smile and help another person smile as well. We receive  blessings from God the minute we wakeup in the morning. That should be enough to make us smile.  Here are 10 steps to start your week with a smile: … Continue reading

The Reason You Continue To Make Negative Decisions

Most people make decisions when they are emotional and the end result can be negative. One of the major emotions that drives most people to make the wrong decisions are fear and anger. It is important to recognize those emotions before making any decisions. When they begin to notice how fear and anger is getting the best of … Continue reading

You Are Safe Wherever You Go; Your Heart Is With You

You are safe, wherever you go; your heart is with you. (Confirmation on Paulo Coelho’s invitation) Dear woman, How often are you attached to the outcome, to the knowable? Is it limiting, this numbness, voicelessness? Is it intolerable, the behavior of what you don’t understand of another? Is it time to become aware that your environment is … Continue reading

Why a Healthy Self-Esteem Increases the Likelihood of Success

When it comes to developing a strategy for success, one of the most overlooked aspects in any formula is self-esteem: how we really feel about ourselves, coupled with the confidence in our ability to achieve goals. But who needs self-esteem when you’ve got great skills and experience? —said no one ever. Great skills and experience are an … Continue reading

The Important Essentials Of Being A Woman Of Strength

As little girls we were told stories about our prince charming who will come and save us with just one kiss. As women we realize we never needed a prince charming to save us. We were never a damsel in distress. Ironically, it was always the other way around. Women have been the ones to save the day. We … Continue reading

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