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The Day My Marriage Ended

This is an honest article by Megan Duncan who shares her experience and emotions about ending her marriage. There are women out there who may relate to her authentic story. This is what she had to say: My first marriage ended on a Tuesday afternoon as we battled over finances on the front porch. Fine—you … Continue reading

6 Things That Will Change After You Say “I Do”

Anybody who tells you that life won’t change after you get married is lying… or they’ve never been married. Even if you’ve been living together for a couple of years, things change after the honeymoon. The first year of marriage can be hard, but if you know what to expect and you’re prepared for it, … Continue reading

19 Snowy Wedding Photos That Will Warm You From The Inside Out

No matter where you are or what you’re doing, these snowy wedding photos will make you want to grab a cup of hot cocoa and cozy up with the one you love. Below are 19 of our favorite cold-weather shots. Still Frames Photography JLB Wedding Rob Holley Productions Mary Dougherty Photography Pepper Nix Crystal Heis … Continue reading

Why Are You Marrying Him?

You love him, that’s a given. But there’s a lot more that’s motivating you to choose your guy from all the men on the planet. Having a thoughtful answer at your fingertips — just like an elevator pitch when you’re looking for a job — benefits your and your relationship in many ways. It keeps … Continue reading

The Ringless Married Man – Does It Matter To You?

On my way to work this morning, my ears were assaulted by a conversation between two men having a conversation about married men, women and wedding rings. The betrothed one was sort of bragging about a “smokin’ hot” co-worker who had asked him out on a date. He said he was flattered and would totally … Continue reading

The Day I Realized I Was No Longer The Woman My Husband Wanted

Not too long ago, I was deep in my closet, cleaning out the clutter, when I found an old tin box FULL of letters. Sitting on the floor, I began reading one after another. They were love letters, written to my husband, David. My heart began to sink and my eyes filled with tears as … Continue reading

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