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Sylvie’s Love Gave US One Woman Supporting Another Woman!

I was eager to watch Sylvie’s Love about a young woman falling in love with a jazz musician in the late 1950’s. Played by Tessa Thompson and the man her character falls in love with is Robert played by Nnamdi Asomugha. Aside from their onscreen chemistry, what I found to be special about the movie … Continue reading

Hurt Women Hurt Other Women

I never understood the reason women can purposely mistreat another woman by spreading rumors or getting into a physical altercation. It never made sense to me. Women are so quick to talk about another woman’s appearance and make them feel self conscious. But, women who are hurting want to hurt other women. Reality shows like … Continue reading

Silence Can Kill

It saddens me to see the rise of women becoming victims of Domestic Violence. It seems to be a pandemic that will not diminish. According to the New York Times, since COVID 19 which is a catalyst to the lockdown around the world, more domestic violence were reported. When a woman is forced to be … Continue reading

Make Self Care a Priority

Most women are the matriarch in their family. We tend to take on too much for people we care about and we put everyone we love needs before our own. We place our family and  career ahead of us. We never make time for what we need and want. It is time we learn to … Continue reading

10 reasons a strong woman would rather be alone than with fake people

A strong woman exudes healthy confidence and finds comfort in her own unique identity. She’s honest with herself and looks for the same sincerity in others. She’s prone to the same weaknesses, fears, and doubts as every other woman, but she strives to make choices she believes are right regardless of what other people think. … Continue reading

A Harvard psychologist says people judge you based on 2 criteria when they first meet you

Harvard social psychologist Amy Cuddy. Craig Barritt/Getty People size you up in seconds, but what exactly are they evaluating? Harvard Business School professor Amy Cuddy has been studying first impressions alongside fellow psychologists Susan Fiske and Peter Glick for more than 15 years, and has discovered patterns in these interactions. In her new book, “Presence,” … Continue reading

DoMEstic Violence

Touchy subject but there’s a few issues I’d like to address Some issues that many go through but too ashamed to confess I’m talking about physical, emotional, psychological, and pressures under duress I’m talking about stabbings, shootings, and all other examples of Domestic Violence In October we dedicate most of our focus to survivors of … Continue reading

Walking Away and Being Free from Men Who Are Takers!

Most men can be takers and needy. They charm their way into your life and when they have you, they expect you to be their caretaker. These men know how to target women who will provide for them financially and emotionally. The woman ends up doing it all and receive nothing back. She works to … Continue reading

Style Fashion Week An Experience to Remember!

Conspicuous look of insecurity filled up my entire face as I looked in to the eyes of Robert De La Cruz. It was right after David Shanouelian and the independent models showcased beautiful garments on the runway when he approached me. I was with my photographer taking a few pictures and he asked if he … Continue reading

How To Believe In Yourself

Being insecure makes a person become worrisome about what others think or how they are perceived by others. We live in a world that allows both women and men lack confidence and doubt themselves due to having insecure feelings. When a person is insecure it usually means she/he does not believe in herself/himself. How does a person … Continue reading

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