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10 Steps To Start Your Week With A Smile

2016-02-08 14.10.07I know it is sometimes a challenge to smile everyday with what is happening in our world. However, we should take the time to  smile and help another person smile as well. We receive  blessings from God the minute we wakeup in the morning. That should be enough to make us smile.  Here are 10 steps to start your week with a smile:

  1. Make an effort to get 8 hours of sleep.
  2. Take 15 minutes in the morning to exercise.
  3. Take 5 minutes to sit quietly in a room and focus on what makes you happy.
  4. Eat at least 3 meals a day and drink lots of water. Never skip breakfast, lunch or dinner.
  5. Laugh! Laugh! Laugh!
  6. Treat yourself to a good book.
  7. Talk to the people you love everyday.
  8. Do what you love.
  9. Never take things personally.
  10. Pray. Talk to God.

You know what will make you smile so do it everyday!

By Lovely Haitian





About Lovely Haitian

I am a Haitian American Woman. I came to the United States when I was only 2 years old. Some may say I am Americanized but the truth is I was raised in the Haitian culture and I am proud of it. I am also proud of becoming a Citizen of the U.S. I love to laugh and meet new people everyday. It is interesting to listen to other people's stories and life experiences. I learn from each person I meet everyday and I expect new experiences in my life. I encourage everyone to "Live, Love, and Laugh." Life is too short and time is very precious. It waits for no one.


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