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10 Ways to Show Support to Other Women


10 Ways to Show Support to Other Women

Madeleine Albright quoted “There is a special place in hell for women who don’t help other women.” Her quote is straight to the point. We are living in a world of Reality TV which depicts women fighting with each other for a man, gossiping about each other and competing with each other. It is disturbing to see the high ratings and viewership these reality shows are getting. In my world, I surround myself with women who believe in respecting and supporting women. We are each other’s cheerleaders similar to when Taraji Henson cheered so loudly when her friend Regina King won the Emmy for Best Supporting Actress in a limited series for her role in American Crime in 2015. We need to see more of that and practice more of that. Here are 9 ways women can show support to other women:


  1. Encourage another woman when she is feeling down.
  2. Never spread rumors about another woman.
  3. Respect the relationship she has with her boyfriend/fiancé/husband.
  4. Don’t dress up to try to impress your friends or hope they will be envious of what you are wearing.
  5. Never ever call another woman a “Bitch” behind her back or to her face.
  6. Compliment another woman.
  7. Always wish another woman well.
  8. Communicate with her. Do not yell, curse or resort to a physical altercation.
  9. Show another woman how to achieve her goals. Share your secrets of success.
  10. Pray for every woman to do better when they know better.

It is important to show the younger ladies that women can get along and we can support one another. Make it our mission to compliment a woman every chance we get.

By Lovely Haitian



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