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The Reason You Continue To Make Negative Decisions


Most people make decisions when they are emotional and the end result can be negative. One of the major emotions that drives most people to make the wrong decisions are fear and anger. It is important to recognize those emotions before making any decisions. When they begin to notice how fear and anger is getting the best of them, they will be wise and decide when they are calm and not scared. There are many other reasons most people make negative decisions and they are:

  1. Some people do not listen to what their gut instincts are trying to tell them. There are many times you sense something deep in your gut but tend to ignore it.
  2. Some people do not believe in themselves. They feel it is better to follow other people and do as they say instead of being a leader.
  3. Do not have faith. They do not believe in their faith. They rather believe in their fear.
  4. They do not talk to God about it and allow God to guide them.
  5. They do not take a step back and breath. Before making any decision close your eyes and breath.

No one is perfect. We are going to make mistakes and we will learn from them when we are ready. However, if we can avoid making negative decisions that will have a major impact in our lives, it will save us a lot of grief and headaches. Why not begin to make more positive decisions that will eliminate your stress?

By Claire K. Guerre






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