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Loving My Rodan + Fields Skin Products


Rodan+Fields are the Dermatologist who created Proactiv. They decided to develop a line of skin care products for people who want to have healthier and cleaner skin. Rodan+Fields started their skin product line in 2002 to share with everyone how to achieve healthier and glowing skin everyday.

Since I started my journey as an Independent Consultant with Rodan+Fields, I was able choose a product that is best for my skin which is the Soothe line which is for sensitive, irritated and facial redness. I suffer from dry skin and I remember trying every expensive skin moisturizer that did not work. When I received my kit, I immediately began using Soothe. In a matter of a few weeks I noticed how soft my skin felt. It did not feel dry or have the dry patches on my cheekbone area. I was impressed. I also use the Macro Exfoliator on a weekly basis. It cleans my face by removing all the dead skin and toxins I expose my face to everyday when I step out of my home.

I am happy to be an Independent Consultant for Rodan+Fields. I get to share my experience with people and help them find the right Rodan+Fields regimen for their skin. I encourage you to make that first step to achieving healthier and cleaner skin by becoming a preferred customer. When you are a preferred customer you will get 10% off the product you purchase along with free shipping. That is awesome! All you have to do is go to to order your product. Here is the catalog for you to view if you have any questions, you can e-mail me @ to get more information.

check out the before and after pictures of our loyal preferred customers:



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