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The Important Essentials Of Being A Woman Of Strength


As little girls we were told stories about our prince charming who will come and save us with just one kiss. As women we realize we never needed a prince charming to save us. We were never a damsel in distress. Ironically, it was always the other way around. Women have been the ones to save the day. We seen our mother’s save our fathers over and over again. Women manage themselves, family, work, and business  24 hours a day. When do we have time to be a damsel in distress? Today no more stories about prince charming, little girls now can watch and read about  women in the media who are taking over the world in business, politics, television, movies, and many other areas. Sorry Cinderella and Snow White.  What is about women that makes them a woman of strength?

1. They are authentic all day and everyday. They are not afraid to speak and share who they are.

2. They have a positive attitude. They tend to feed their minds nothing but positivity.

3.  They live in faith not fear. They always know in their hearts good things are coming.

5. When they get knocked down, they get right back up and keep moving with a smile.

6. They do not waste a second listening or associating with gossip. They walk away from it or shut it down.

7. They respect themselves and others.

8. They love to help people even when they are down.

9. They support other women to get to the next level.

10. Importantly, they trust in God and allow him to always guide them.

By Claire Guerre



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