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Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani Make First Appearance on The Voice Since Dating News – and There’s Flirting!

stefani-shelton-01-600The couple that works together, flirts together?

It may have been night one of the Live Playoffs on Monday, but all eyes were on Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton as they made their first appearance as a couple on The Voice since confirming their romance earlier this month.

It was a minimal night of flirting, if that, for the pair as Shelton, 39, was his girlfriend’s biggest cheerleader during her matchup versus Adam Levine‘s team. The country crooner and coach Pharrell Williams will be showcasing their singers on Tuesday.

“Team Gwen is whippin’ the crap out of Team Adam tonight,” Shelton said directly to his lady love. “It’s fun to see Gwen whip the crap out of Adam tonight. It makes me so happy.”

The Used To Love You songstress adorably giggled and blushed after receiving the compliment from her new beau. But leave it to Levine to seize Shelton’s moment and make it his own.

The Maroon 5 frontman couldn’t help but poke fun at his co-stars’ romance by mocking the four-time winner’s laugh and ultimately putting a stop to the flirting.

Although there was no visible PDA on camera, the duo continued to express their amorous affections. Another moment of cute flirtation came when Shelton made a comment regarding contestant Korin Bukowski’s new makeover.

“I think the last time you cut somebody’s hair on the show, Gwen… they won! I ended up with the person,” Shelton said, referencing the time she transformed Craig Wayne Boyd’s look and helped Team Blake win season 7.

But their flirty ways were cut short, yet again, by Levine, who interrupted with another Shelton-inspired chuckle.

Stefani and her new man made their debut as a couple at a CMA Awards afterparty, weeks after she announced her divorce from Gavin Rossdale.

Shelton’s divorce from Miranda Lambert was quickly finalized in July.





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