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4 Unique Ways To Fit Friends In

friends sparklersLet’s face it, we’re busy people. When we’re not running to work, the gym or one of our many errands, it can be easier to switch off at night and just watch TV. There’s nothing wrong with that, we all need a break. But how do you schedule friends into your busy life?

If you want to keep your connections strong, you have to work hard. Here are a few tips to keep those close to you in your life, even if distance and responsibilities are keeping you separated.

Schedule around Skype

Not everyone feels comfortable talking on the phone while driving—and in some areas it’s illegal! But that doesn’t mean you can’t reconnect with a friend while cleaning or cooking. Skype is a great way to connect. Use this time to get other menial tasks done too. You can clean, fold laundry or paint your nails while keeping in touch.

Get a Long-distance Exercise Buddy

It might be hard or nearly impossible to schedule a time to go running with your friend, but that doesn’t mean she can’t help keep you on track. If you have a Gmail account, then you also have access toGoogle Docs. This allows you to create online documents and spreadsheets that you can share with friends.

If you’re both trying to stay in shape, make a spreadsheet where you both log your daily exercise. You can support and nudge each other to work harder when you’re lagging.

Go beyond ‘Facebook likes’ 

Everyone can click ‘like’ or ‘favorite’ on their social media feeds, but there’s a lot more you can do to keep in touch online. Try using Snapchat to send quick funny pictures to one another, or sign intoFoursquare, an app that records establishments you’ve been to and how you’d rate the experience.

Some friendly competition 

Everyone plays Smartphone games while waiting for the bus or before an appointment, but start playing multiplayer games instead. This way, even if you and your friend haven’t had time to meet for coffee, at least you’re creaming her at Words with Friends.

What makes your best friend so special? Watch this video and let us know in the comments!




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