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Is Not Having Children A Crime?

Not Every Woman Feels The Need To Have Children.

I love being a parent! And yes, I’m happy that my one and only daughter is 23, a college graduate, and most importantly, out of the house! Now the fun really begins, right?

As a man I can brag about having children or brag about not having children and there is no pressure from family, friends, or society. But let a woman say, “I don’t want kids!” and all hell breaks loose! Not every woman wants to be a mother, and truth be told, many women who choose to bear children should have thought twice.

Having a child does not make you a woman, just as making a baby doesn’t make a male a man. Just because your body is designed to create life doesn’t mean you’re obligated to. Besides, whatever happen to having a willing and responsible partner before making babies, or being able to afford a child, and let’s not forget the time and energy it takes to raise a child, let alone two or three.

I salute those women who are great mothers; it’s the toughest job in the world! But it’s time to celebrate women who unselfishly choose not to bring a life into this world just to satisfy the expectations of others or to trap a man! That’s right, I said it!

By~ Michael Baisden



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