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Celibacy For The Sake Of Sanity

Have you ever thought about going without sex? I have, and no I’m not sick, I haven’t been hurt, and the equipment is working better than ever! But after years of being involved in relationships it’s easy to see why some people become celibate. Yes, disease is a big factor but I think it boils down to having peace of mind.

Let’s keep it real, sex brings drama and it can complicate things. How many times have you been in a great friendship but after having sex things changed? And if the sex is good, watch out! One person starts clinging on more than the other and then you get hit with the bombshell question, “Where is this relationship going?” And if the sex is bad, well, you know what time that is, right? Adios Amigo!

Great sex can cause people to move faster than they should and to start having expectations. That’s when the labels start being thrown around to mark their territory. All of a sudden being called “friends” isn’t enough; one or both people feel the need to define the relationship, often before they have time to get to know each other.

So, I say yes to celibacy! It allows you to enjoy your partner without all the drama, emotions and expectations. Am I ready to go that route? Heck no! But as I mature I understand why so many men and women practice it. When it’s all said and done, peace of mind is more important than apiece in the sack. Finally, I get it!

By Michael Baisden



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