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“With Love for You by my side” – by Hildegarde Lisa

Another episode by her Hildegarde Lisa which she shares Paulo Coelho’s answer to her mail.

It never came in my mind that Paulo Coelho was going to answer my mail even when my soul had a vision in 2004 in Slovenia. Friends witnessed during a walk at Lake Bled my announcement that we were going to meet. Their surprised sights of that moment were imprinted on my face some years later while reading Paulo’s message. Yes his invitation paralyzed me, yet reason kept me at bay. His words left me neither cold nor warm. My negative response was therefore a good escape for my soul who felt it was better not to see each other.

“The power of love emerges into the deepest realms,
where one gets lost in its unconditional nature.
No way to run,
only acceptance endures the strength
of the loving being we are.
The wisdom of the beloved becomes the lover
when all knowledge dissolves into eternity
where the sacred heart burns its flames
as the holy fire
that sings its song without words.”

My mind told me it was better to continue leading our lives without having any encounter that would let our lives, at least mine, rotate for 360 degrees. Was it because my soul foresaw our destiny? Was it out of protection for both of us? My heart knows it and will eventually tell you about perils on the road obstructed by jealousy of foxes in sheepskin. Meanwhile my story continues now with my former lover who indirectly forced and persuaded me to see Paulo.

We, Louking and I, lived together for fourteen years. Our relationship as it is remembered by me was a place where mental manipulation triumphed. There was little space to be myself without being judged on a negative and depraved manner. This led me more and more into the room where my mind searched for refreshment and silence. It was a space for study and development for my soul. Every insight got written down on a blank page in my diary which contained all treasures of my soul discovery. It helped me to overcome the uncertain and insecure girl that abused herself by her low self-esteem.

It is my aim now to share my diary with you,’ Woman’s Essence Readers’ and this from the next episode. It is my aim to share its content so that all suffering and pain may dissolve into the reality of the beloved in the heart. The treasures you also can read in ‘diary of Jasmine‘ which will be a paragraph in each episode.

Yes may this release, this start of a new day, a new dawn, a new life be for you a way to get out of your comfort zone and see the beauty of the flower that you are.


Some inspiration to never give up:

“Some things need to fall for some other things to rise up. If you stumble make it part of the dance.”

  • Meditation, channeling, values coming from nature, science, religion, books, helped me to survive in an abusive relationship. After all these years it is even possible to tell that this way of living was actually self-abuse. Give yourself time to be silent, walk in nature, read Holy Scriptures, it gives you new perspectives in an old habit whereto new horizons arise where there first was only a dead end street. 
  • My diary helped me toovercome the abuse and masochistic behavior which was attracted by my own soul. Keep your own diary and write down your emotions, your feelings that rise up during difficult moments. Try to see a pattern into your behavior that keeps you from rising. Reflect upon your writings to transcend to a higher stage of consciousness.

Next episode
 will talk about the awareness of a new reality.

Untill soon.
Hildegarde Lisa

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