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10 Efficient Ideas to Use Every Inch of Space in Your Kitchen

Whether you have a big kitchen or a tiny one making most out of the space is a challenge you must be facing each day. So take a look at some fabulous ideas below and get ready to make use of every inch of space available to you:

1. Install Drawers Under The Cook Top
Image via: rikb , thecowspot

2. Utilize Almost Any Wall with Pegboard Storage
Image via: inspiredbycharm , apartmenttherapy

3. Fill Every Unused Narrow Space with a Storage Packed Rack
Image via: hgtv , bhg

4. Make The Most Out of the Island
Image via: bhg , diynetwork

5. Why Leave The End of Cabinets Empty and Unused?
Image via: brooklynlimestone , myperfectnest

6. Install Toe Kick Drawers
Image via: houzz , bhg

7. Put a Pot Rack Above The Stove
Image via: katheats , pinterest

8. Divide The Shelves and Rule!
Image via: bystephanielynn

9. Make Use of Even the Smallest Space on Walls with Shelves
Image via: bhg

10. Hack The Space on Cabinet Doors
Image via: bhg



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