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A Woman Who Has No Fear


Carine Colas Diallo is the author of No Fear. She shares with readers her experience as a Volunteer worker in the Peace Corps and working with Africare in Guinea. She did not allow obstacles stand in her way to fulfill her purpose in life. She became closer to God through her challenges and helped inspire others to connect with God. Woman’s Essence Magazine (For & About Powerful Women) was honored to interview Carine. Her book is a gift to your soul.

  What does your book No Fear mean to you?

No Fear is my first published book. I am honored that it received the finalist award from the International Book Awards only a few months after it went live. I am grateful to the staff at Westbow Press for their immense support and collaboration.

 In the book I speak about two major stepping stones that I took in my career; becoming a Peace Corps Volunteer and working with Africare in Guinea. It was from those experiences that I began to understand the true meaning of life. I found out that it wasn’t based on how much I earned or what I owned, but instead it showed me the importance of helping others. If God did not allow me to have those amazing experiences and place the right people on my path to help me as a student and in my employment, I would not have been able to write the book.

 In addition to the effort that I place into raising my children, my books will be my legacy, and I hope and pray that No Fear will have a positive impact on the lives of many people and will inspire people to build and maintain a strong bond and relationship with God.

  What was your motivation to write the book and who inspired you to write it?

 In 2013, when I was at the community pool with my children, I met a nice lady named Otis. I felt so comfortable being around her, and I began to speak to her about my experiences working in Africa and how God has protected and guided me and my family during difficult and dangerous situations. She told me that I should write a book about those experiences, and she asked me why was I keeping this information about God to myself and not sharing it with others. I immediately felt guilty and knew that she was right. Otis said just do it! That night I prayed to God and asked Him to show me exactly how I should proceed in writing the book.

  Did you experience any challenges or obstacles when you were writing the book? If yes, please share with our readers about the challenges and obstacles and how you overcame them.

 Yes I did. One night God revealed to me a dream that I needed to buy a green book in which I would write down my notes for No Fear, and when I saw the book in the store I would immediately know that it was the one. So, I found the book, and words began flowing like water. However, a few weeks later, I had writer’s block and I prayed to God to release me from that bondage. The following day, I no longer had any problems and continued to write.

  When your book was completed and published, what was going through your mind?

 Right after the book was completed and published, I was happy and honored that God had selected me to be part of His mission. I was proud to be a child of God and was happy that I had expressed my love for God to the world through the book.

 When did you begin to listen to God’s voice?

 Funny thing is when I was young, I believed that God created me to be strong and gave me the power and tools to direct my own path in life. It was when I was 12, and was in church I had the Holy Ghost for the first and last time. I saw Jesus coming towards me extending his hand to follow him. That day I relinquished myself to God and discovered that by doing so I can be even stronger.

 God showed me that He had special plans for my life. He instilled in me my inner voice – His voice that has led me and my family out of dangerous situations. For example, when I was a Peace Corps Volunteer training in Senegal, I was walking into town by myself and I heard a woman calling me. The inner voice told me to walk faster, but she walked even faster and was getting close. All of a sudden, about twenty children came out of nowhere and surrounded me and the woman fled. I asked them why did they surround me, and they said that the woman wanted to poke both of my eyes out. God sent these children at the right time to protect me.

  How did you feel when you finally listened to him?

 I felt even stronger than I did before and felt safe. I knew that I had a real purpose in life. Since then, pieces to my life began falling into place and fit well, just like a jigsaw puzzle. It was clear that things were happening for a reason.

  Tell the readers where can they purchase your book?

 My book No Fear can be purchased from major online companies, including, and at my publisher’s website It is being sold worldwide.

 What should our readers expect from your book?

 Readers should expect my experiences to be relatable to their own experiences. If I was able to overcome many difficult situations in life so can they. My book encourages readers to be close to God. The last chapter of No Fear discusses my plans for the future which includes publishing a children’s book series. I am pleased to say that the first book, Guinea: The Invasion of the Ant Creatures went live a few weeks ago. It is about how kids from a Guinean family band together to battle and defeat ant creatures seeking to destroy their village. I hope that my children’s books will encourage kids to fight for their dreams, and will promote cultural, ethnic and racial acceptance. The manuscript for the next country is complete and I will publish it next year in 2016.

Interview by Haitian Lovely (Claire Guerre)





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