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While Memories Open The Heart, Writing Arises by Hildegarde Follon


Life can be complicated but it doesn’t have to be. When most of us were younger we were taught to never show anyone we are vulnerable, never speak what is in our hearts, and to never tell people how we really feel. Basically we were taught to live a lie and to keep secrets. In Episode 2, Hildegarde Follon shares with readers her experience on how people who came into her life helped her grow and be more open with her feelings.

While memories open the heart, writings arise.

Recalling my story lets me tell the words of an intense and unforgettable journey that helps grow into that what is meant to be. Whatever embraces you in the moment is an encounter to help you grow as the flower of the soul you are. To be aware of you being the writer of any story teaches to be responsible for any step you take.

While memories are written down now it opens the possibility to open the heart to free the secret that my soul kept for some years. Realizing that silence is golden it also can kill your innocence and nakedness. Staying in silence can give you sadness, loneliness when you are attached to what is asked to keep silent what doesn’t stroke to your soul, your heart.

To be the naked truth asks courage and love. To be aware that you are carried by the divine spirit supports you while you reveal and are your inner child. It makes you vulnerable knowing that each story is unique and doesn’t have to be truth for the reader.

The authenticity of my soul speaks to you now and knows that it has no reason to keep my story anymore if you like it or not. Enjoy the read and let my words give you what may support you on your own journey.

“The one (spirit) is connected with the other (body) and vice-versa. Without awareness of it we stay too much into spirit or body. To find balance between body and spirit you need balance between words and vigor. Therefore it is important to express your mind so your body can be formed and vice-versa. Don’t abide into feelings that arise within, let them go so you are liberated and become who you are.” My revelation starts with the book Eleven Minutes. It may not be ignored as it gave rise to a veritable change in my life. One of physical abuse in a former relationship with Looking to a strong friendship with Paulo Coelho that let my heart bleed until it became the woman who I am now. Eleven Minutes evoked a real revolution in me and awakened my femininity which was submerged for years into a dominant and unhealthy love affair with Looking. In response to my experience, my soul shared three poems with the writer, Paulo Coelho, who indirectly took part of this little miracle. His words were as the nectar for my soul that finally could detach from a relationship which was ruled by the power of seduction. It helped me return to the woman who said ‘yes’ to her entire being. It helped me to continue on my heavy road, full of concerns and torment, yet in silence of sacred love experienced by the wholeness of my being in Eleven Minutes.

The following of my poems were sent to Paulo Coelho in 2007. It is clear to me that my story undresses my soul to the naked child that I am. Yes, it feels vulnerable and No, there is no fear that withholds me for the Beloved in my heart… is my guide.

*The Unknown,

faces humanity

with the will

by the shout

of pain and pleasure,

which reflects


in the entirety

of its being.


on the delights of pleasure,

desire invites you

to awake

by the orgasm

of sacred love.


adores love

as death,

which lives

in the habit.


in the freedom

of love

and shine

with all your colors

in the light.

Despite the blindness of my uncertainty that inevitably stepped in a trap that led to intense sadness, helplessness and despair my soul keeps on believing in the wisdom, love and warmth we are. It is my purpose to share my soul story so it can walk in peace together with you, wherever you are. Let it inspire you to stay true to the heart in any circumstances you are we have the strength and wisdom to stay the loving and caring being we all are.




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