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Is Bleaching Your Skin the New Fashion Trend for Brown or Dark Skinned Women and Men?

nur76-beyonce-skin-lighteningThere are some popular people who are being accused of bleaching their skin to appease their fan and to be more acceptable to their targeted audience. I was surprised to see pictures of dark or brown skin celebrities’ transition to light skin. Why are they bleaching their skin? Is this a Fashion Trend?

I remember growing up as a pre-teen and teenager in the 80’s and a popular bleach skin “Venus De Milo” was sold in every pharmacy or supermarket. I am ashamed to admit, I did invest my allowance money on “Venus De Milo” bleach cream. I used it for 1 year and I saw that I became lighter. My Haitian relatives told me how prettier I was now that I became light skinned. I took offense to their words and that same day I stopped using the bleach cream and I threw it in the garbage. I was lucky that I was able to get my beautiful dark skin back by sun bathing. My good friend in High School used it for many years and she became very light. I guess that was becoming popular in the West Indies Culture since they are so stuck on the color class system.

I am not sure if it is a good or bad Fashion Trend. People who bleach their skin do it to look prettier and to feel confident about their appearance. The same way people have plastic surgery to look prettier and feel good about their look. In today’s world women and men get so caught up on what are the latest Fashion Trends and what will make them look good. When you read magazines, go to the movies, or watch television all you see are illusions of the perfect bodies and the perfect complexion. We buy into the craze of spending so much money on trying to be exactly what we see on television, movies, and magazines.

dangers-of-skin-whitening-chemicalsThe younger generations are watching television every day and half of them will probably be brain washed to bleach their skin.   If they see one of their favorite celebrities look dark skinned one day and the next day look lighter, the younger generations will want to do it as well.   Their role models are doing it so it must be a good thing to do.

A few months ago I finally read an article on a celebrity who is being accused of bleaching her skin. I was surprised to see a picture of the celebrity because she is a natural beauty. She was dark skinned as a teenager and now as an adult she is very light.   As I was reading the article, I was hoping she was wearing bad make-up that made her look lighter.

I guess bleaching your skin is a Fashion Trend that has been around for a very long time. It will never end because there are some people who struggle to find and have the perfect image. It is their choice, their body, and their money. They have the right to do what will make them happy and feel good about themselves.

By Claire Guerre

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