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The Reasons You Should Forgive and Let It Go!

forgive-and-forget-moving-forward-move-forward-how-to-let-goThere are some people who prefer to stay angry and bitter. They refuse to let go of the hurt or forgive the person whom they felt caused them to be hurt. We feel it is alright to hold grudges and build up resentment towards the person who hurt us. To be honest, the anger, hurt, and resentment you decided to keep will only make you sick and miserable. I say let it go.

I believe when we are angry with someone we are really angry with ourselves for allowing the person to hurt us.  When we are angry with ourselves, we chose not to forgive ourselves.  We may have seen all the signs in the person’s actions that they were capable of hurting us but we made the decision to ignore their negative actions.  We focus the blame on the person for being mean to us but really it is us who should take the responsibility of our own actions for allowing it to happen.  Make the choice to forgive yourself for allowing this person to hurt you.

When you finally decide to forgive yourself, then it is very easy to forgive the other person.  Forgiving heals your soul and spirit. You will feel free when you are forgiving of your own mistakes and other people’s mistakes.  You will be able to see things differently and from the other’s person’s perspective as well.  We are all humans that will make mistakes repeatedly.  But you have to learn to forgive yourself for those mistakes to move on with your life.

I know in our journey in life we will encounter many different people who will show us a few things.  There are some who will help us to become stronger, wiser, patient, caring, and loving. There are some people who will teach us more about who we are and how to live life freely.  We should never have regrets about meeting someone who hurt us because they helped us grow. Those people good or bad that may have hurt us deserves to be forgiven so you can learn from them and go on with your life. You do not have to always look back and ponder on how to hurt them back.  That will be a waste of your precious time on earth.

In my opinion, people who set out to get revenge are only hurting themselves.  They start to become miserable.  They may feel by trying to hurt the other person will make themselves feel better but the reality is you will not feel good about yourself. The person you are trying to hurt has probably moved on and forgot about how they hurt you because they forgave themselves for hurting you.

The best thing you can do for yourself is to forgive people who have hurt you and forgive yourself. Do not live with the anger or resentment.  It will only make you a miserable person.  Do not hold on to the anger to hold on to the person.   You have to let it go and move on. Mariann Williamson stated “Forgiveness is the ultimate preventative medicine as well as the greatest healer.”  I strongly agree with her statement.

By Claire Guerre   


About Lovely Haitian

I am a Haitian American Woman. I came to the United States when I was only 2 years old. Some may say I am Americanized but the truth is I was raised in the Haitian culture and I am proud of it. I am also proud of becoming a Citizen of the U.S. I love to laugh and meet new people everyday. It is interesting to listen to other people's stories and life experiences. I learn from each person I meet everyday and I expect new experiences in my life. I encourage everyone to "Live, Love, and Laugh." Life is too short and time is very precious. It waits for no one.


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