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The Making of a Fashion Designer!

photo 3Simone Young was born and raised in Kingston Jamaica. It was in Jamaica she knew she was creative and loved fashion. She came to the United States at the age of 14 years old and developed her concept of designs for fashion. Simone’s love for fashion and hard work has given her the opportunity to be in 3 major Fashion Week Shows and graduate with an Associate Degree in Fashion Design from the Art Institute School of New York City. She is getting ready for 2 upcoming Fashion Week Shows. She was in the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Show in February 2014 and presented her fall 2014 collection. Simone will show her spring 2015 collection line in September during Fashion Week. She is making huge steps in the fashion industry.

 When did you realize you were a creative person and Fashion Design is a career you desired?

 I started designing as soon as I could hold a pencil, ladies wear in particular. I have dabbled in different types of artistic mediums like making clay figures and theatrical cakes in my early twenties. But I realized that Fashion Design was one of the careers that best suited my need to create and be an individual at the same time after my daughter Madelyn was born. I bought second hand baby clothes pulled them apart and thought myself to pattern make and sew.

 Can you recall the first time you were exposed to fashion?

I’m fortunate to come from a creative family so art whether home décor or dressmaking as always been apart of my life. But my first real exposure to fashion was by living vicariously through my older sister Karen. I use to watch her and her high school friends put there outfits together. After they would leave I would remove her entire closet and try to assemble my own interpretation of the look she wears that night. Of course everything was back in place before she got home.

What is it about fashion you love?photo 1

I appreciate fashion on a whole but haute couture impresses me the most. I have hopes of one day being able to make a living making beautiful exclusive pieces for the modern woman who enjoys wearing a statement piece.

Congratulations for presenting your collection line at the February 2014 Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Show. What were your thoughts when you saw your creative vision and hard work on the runway? Your daughter walked the runway with you at the end of the show. How did you feel to have your daughter with you? How did she feel?

Thank you! It was an overwhelming feeling. I think most designers go through a moment of utter silence of the mind. I was so focused on everything going smoothly down the runway it was almost like holding my breath. I think I finally exhaled when I held my daughter’s hand she smiled at me and we both walk down the runway.

How has being in the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week show helped you?

Being in Mercedes Benz Fashion Week as definitely helped me with my time management skills along with improving my sewing skills. I got a first hand experience on what it takes to be a fashion designer.

What were the steps you took to be in the winter 2014 Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Show?

The word competition can make anyone nervous. When I heard it was going to be a national competition and only the top 3 were going to make it pass the first round I had the worst knots in my stomach. I remember being out in the hallway with others hoping to make it thinking to myself this is make it for break for me. The second round was even more nail-biting having to beat out the rest of the top three’s from all the different Art Institutes that participated.

unnamedHow do you stay focus on your goals to being a Fashion Designer while being a wife and mother?

My husband and daughter are extremely creative as well that makes it easier to stay focus because we enjoy and support each other’s ideas and work.


You have 2 Fashion shows next month. What was your inspiration for your collection line for the 2 shows? Where and when are the shows?

I was fortunate enough to receive sponsorships for spring 2015 from Gallery New York and Atlantic City Fashion Week. My inspiration for the September 7thFashion Gallery show were x-rays of living things entitled Diaphanum. I was drawn to inter structure of bones veins and bones. My second collection entitled Duende is inspired by the Black orchid will debute September 27 at Bali’s Hotel and Casino.

After the 2 shows what is next for you?

Right now I have no set plans I want to see where these two shows will take my career.

Interview by Claire Guerre


Here are information on Simone Young Fashion Week Shows:
She is showing at the Fashion Gallery in New York City on September 07, 2014 @ 8:00pm and at Atlantic City Fashion Week on the 27t . To purchase tickets go to and


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